What’s in the Box? (Key Stage 2 Workshop)

Event: What’s in the Box? (Key Stage 2 Workshop)

Can you figure out what’s inside these mysterious sealed boxes? This activity, from the University of Sheffield, is designed to put all your science enquiry skills into action. Use your senses along with your thinking and communication skills to discover what’s in the boxes. This activity puts scientific enquiry into context.

Learning outcomes:

  • Develop scientific enquiry skills in recording evidence and observation
  • Develop communication skills by discussing and supporting findings with classmates
  • Understand that science is always evolving and there is always room for new ideas.

To make a workshop booking enquiry please email laura.meade@sheffield.ac.uk.

Please note the University of Sheffield team can only travel within their local area of South Yorkshire, and during periods of high demand they will prioritise schools in areas with low progression to university.

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