Future Flyers

What is Future Flyers?

Future Flyers is a research project where Y5/Y6 students investigate future careers or higher education whilst developing key transferable skills.

The programme is delivered through a series of teacher-led workshops – we will provide you with full planning and resources.

Schools can also run an optional celebration event where students can showcase their research to parents/carers and teachers.

Future Flyers has been developed in partnership with primary schools, aligns with the curriculum and Skillsbuilder framework and is FREE.

Programme Aims

  • Increase awareness and understanding of careers and higher education.
  • Develop research skills and understand the link between those and their application in the real world.
  • Show the steps students need to take in order to achieve their aspirations.

What schools get from Hepp

All schools participating in our Future Flyers programme will receive the following from us, at no cost:

  • PowerPoint presentations, activity resources and planning materials for all seven Future Flyers workshops – downloadable from our HeppHUB.
  • CPD materials to ensure staff have the knowledge and confidence to deliver the programme.
  • Future Flyers skills passports and skills stickers – we will post these out to you when you register (one per student).
  • Ongoing support from the Hepp team.

What do we need from participating schools?

  • To read through the Teacher’s Pack which includes all the information needed to run the programme. The pack includes an introduction to Future Flyers, lesson plans for each of the seven workshops and suggested research topics for students.
  • To speak to the Hepp team if you have any questions.
  • Print workshop activity resources.
  • Deliver workshops.
  • Provide us with the required data and evaluation.

Data collection

For all Hepp activity we are required to collect learner data. Analysis of this data provides a robust impact assessment of the difference we are making to the lives of young people in our region.

This social mobility goal is the only reason we need individual learner data, we do not hold or use the data for anything else.

We require you to send the data for each student that participates in the programme and will be in touch with you about how to do this safely and securely at the appropriate time.

We work under the public task category of GDPR which means that we do not need to request parental/carer permission for this data (although they can request for this data to be removed).

We ask that you inform parents/carers out of courtesy, using the template letter that we provide.

How to access our Future Flyers resources

If you would like to deliver Future Flyers in your school please email us at hepp@shu.ac.uk to request access and we will send you a link to all of our resources.

If you would like more information on how the project is run, click here to view our CPD video.

Click here for the Future Flyers core offer document.