Data & Evaluation

We collect information on the students who participate in our activities for monitoring and evaluation purposes, and to enable us to track individual young people over time to find out whether they eventually apply to any form of higher education. For further information on the types of data we collect, how we keep this data secure, how long we keep the data for and participants’ rights, please view our full privacy notice here.

Data will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the UK General Data Protection Regulation. This information may be shared with Sheffield Hallam University (SHU), the University of Sheffield (UoS) and the Higher Education Progression Partnership South Yorkshire Plus (HeppSY). However, Hepp and its partners will not release individual information to anyone who is unauthorised. More details about this can be found on Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Sheffield websites:

You have the right to request a full copy of the information we hold on you (a Subject Access Request), or for your data to be removed from our records, by contacting us at

All data will be stored securely and any reporting will be done so through aggregated data, meaning that individual students will not be identifiable. We will not aggregate your data or publish reports using aggregated data until at least two weeks have passed from the date of the activity.

To view our letter to parents/carers of students participating in our activities, please click here.