#ThinkMoorEco at the Moor Market

Event: #ThinkMoorEco at the Moor Market

Saturday 14th March, 10am-2pm

Join the Royal Society of Chemistry at the Moor Market during British Science Week as they demonstrate the consequences of consumer choices on the world’s oceans & #ThinkMoorEco.

Two of the biggest issues currently talked about are the increasing plastic waste in the oceans and the acdification of oceans due to the raise in carbon dioxide. Two issues that are the result of human choices: over-consumption of fossil fuels and misuse of plastics. Come along for some family friendly experiments that show the difficulty in removing plastics and other waste from the water as well as exactly how an increase in carbon dioxide can cause an increase in acidification of water. There will even be some experiments to take away so you can continue enjoying science at home.

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