Physics A-Level Practical Sessions

Event: Physics A-Level Practical Sessions

Sheffield Hallam University are currently offering the opportunity for schools and colleges to come in and utilise their Physics lab and technical expertise, in order to aid you in the delivery of your Physics A-Level practical’s  for Y12 and Y13 students.

In a recent pilot we helped students to get hands on with the following experiments:

  • Variation of the frequency of stationary waves on a string
  • The interference effects by Youngs slit and diffraction by a diffraction grating
  • The effect on magnetic flux linkage by varying the angle using a search coil and oscilloscope
  • The inverse-square law for gamma rays

Whether your students need to complete the above practical’s or something different, please do get in touch if you would be interested in bringing a group in or chatting further about opportunities to use our Physics equipment.

Email to book or if you have any questions

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  • Bespoke - available on request
  • On-campus

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