Oxford Online Maths Club

Event: Oxford Online Maths Club

Announcing the Oxford Online Maths Club; a weekly livestream of free extra maths for ages 16-18.

Whether you’re the only person you know interested in maths, or you run an entire sixth-form maths club, the Oxford Online Maths Club is here for you! Join in every Thursday at 16:30.

The livestream will feature one hour of maths problems, puzzles, mini-lectures, and Q&A. It’s free, interactive, casual, and relaxed, with an emphasis on solving problems, building fluency, and looking ahead at links to university maths. It’s mostly aimed at two sets of people; those who are about to start an undergraduate Mathematics (or joint honours) degree later this year, and those who are thinking of applying later this year to start a Maths degree next year. The livestreams are on YouTube, so you can join live or watch it back later at any time.

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