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Event: Talent Bank

Inviting volunteers from the world of work in to your school to talk about their jobs to your students has never been easier than with Inspiring the Future.

Inspiring the Future gives every young person in state education the opportunity to be inspired and motivated by real people doing interesting jobs which opens their eyes to a future of possibilities. They do this by connecting schools with volunteers quickly, easily and for free through their national online match-making platform.

Easy, quick and free
Just sign up online at inspiringthefuture.org and start searching for volunteers near to you. You can filter your search according to what type of volunteer you need and what you want them to do, then read their profiles before sending them an invitation.

Inspire and motivate
Students will hear first-hand experiences from working people who can inspire, motivate and broaden their horizons – getting them to think about careers they may never have even heard of.

Supporting your curriculum
Once your school is registered, teachers can access resources to help plan your use of volunteers to support topics throughout the academic year.

Evidence your alignment with Gatsby benchmarks
We can help your school evidence alignment with five of the Gatsby benchmarks. Find out more at www.inspiringthefuture.org/gatsby

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