Engineering: Good Vibrations

Event: Engineering: Good Vibrations

Wednesday 1st May, 9:30am - 2:30pm

Acoustics isn’t just loudspeakers and musical instruments. It’s the application of mathematics that contribute to many different technological areas, including healthcare, manufacturing, communication and power generation.

The engineering industry is increasingly recognising the importance of acoustics and investing in new capabilities, such as Dyson investing £330M in acoustic laboratories with a focus on ‘connected technologies and intelligent machines’.

Come to Sheffield for this Excellence Hub event to explore a hands-on experience with sound waves. See for yourself how acoustics can be used to levitate, sense, navigate and communicate. There will be interactive demonstrations from multiple universities including acoustic virtual reality, binaural head listening, ultrasonic imaging and much more. You’ll also have a tour of the University of Sheffield engineering building, the Diamond. This will include visiting 19 state of the art laboratories and our student-led maker space called iForge.

Together with these demonstrations they will explain why acoustics is so much more than good vibrations.

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  • On-campus

University of Sheffield
S10 2TN

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