Animal reproduction and conservation – Biosciences virtual taster session

Event: Animal reproduction and conservation – Biosciences virtual taster session

Thursday 25th May, 4pm - 5:30pm

Reproductive failure is a major issue for many threatened species, and is often a barrier to conservation success. But what are the main drivers of reproductive failure in wild animal populations? And how can advances in fertility research lead to more effective conservation interventions?

This taster session will be led by Dr Nicola Hemmings, a leading researcher in the fields of animal reproduction, behaviour, and conservation. We’ll cover the biology of fertilisation and early embryo development, explain how we study these processes in wild animal populations, and give you the chance to understand the implications of this work for conservation science in our rapidly changing world. There’ll be plenty of opportunities to chat with Nicola and hear more about her research and the modules she teaches on. We’ll also be joined by the school’s Director of Recruitment who’ll be happy to answer any admissions-related questions. This session is also a great chance to hear from some current students, so you can discover what it’s like to study Biosciences at the University of Sheffield, and where a degree in Biosciences can take you.

Suitable for: students interested in a degree in Biology/Zoology/Ecology, who are studying A Level (or equivalent) Biology/Human Biology and another science* and are anticipating a grade B or above in these subjects.

*Science subjects include Biology/Human Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Psychology or Statistics.


Please note that this is an approximate schedule and therefore is subject to change. 

Time Activity
4pm Log in and get comfortable
4.05pm Welcome and introductions to the University
4.15pm Lecture: Reproductive biology and conservation
5pm ‘Being a Biosciences student’ – Q&A, including discussion with current undergraduates
5.20pm Closing remarks

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