How does it make a difference?

At Children’s University, we believe in providing children with a unique and enriching educational experience that goes beyond the classroom.

The CU adventure is more than just an educational journey; it’s a pathway to instilling the joy of learning in young minds, fostering a deep sense of curiosity about the world around them, and nurturing the confidence and aspirations that will shape their brightest futures. We take pride in the profound impact our approach has on the lives of children, as evidenced not just by local and national research but by the tangible results and testimonials from those who have experienced the magic of Children’s University.

What families say about Children’s University

'CU inspires and motivates my children and helps them develop their skills'

'I feel schools should get involved because it encourages children to expand their opportunities and try new things'

‘It gives something to work towards and feel proud about. My children loved receiving their first bronze badge and the awards evenings are amazing'

What schools say about Children’s University

‘Impact doesn’t always show up in the numbers, especially for our children. They don’t get the opportunity to take part in lots of activities at home, and certainly not the variety on offer to other children, so we need to provide it at school at lunchtimes. We notice a real impact on behaviour and engagement and lots more. It’s all vitally important learning but you can’t put a number on that. Nor should you need to.’

Deputy Headteacher of a Special School

'The biggest gain is in pupil confidence and attitude, a will to challenge themselves, a will to overcome fear I think of unknown situations and new activities, so when they go back into the classroom they’re certainly empowered. We’re seeing that we’ve got a different group of children really, more positive and more willing to give things a go, and it’s impacting on standards and attendance within school.'

Headteacher of a Primary School