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As well as the national CU certificates for your pupils, your school will have access to a range of detailed reports on engagement, skills developed & impact including target groups.

CU membership also entitles your school to access a number of bespoke projects, resources and exciting opportunities throughout the year as well as access to a full information pack, network sessions, training & support for staff to develop the school’s programme of enrichment activities.

Schools can sign up to their Children’s University centre by contacting their local CU team for more information.

Activity providers

Audience members smile as they watch the CU graduation ceremonyWe’re always looking for new activity providers to join Children’s University and become a validated ‘Learning Destination’.

This means that children and young people could earn CU credits at your learning activities. There are lots of opportunities for your organisation in addition to the external accreditation that CU brings, including free publicity and promotion of your activities in our local activity newsletters covering school holidays, direct links into schools across the region, opportunities to promote your activities at our graduation ceremonies for families and conferences and network meetings for school staff. We don’t burden you with lots of admin or paperwork, instead we give you access to resources, opportunities and much, much more.

The process to join is quick and easy, and FREE! Upload some basic information here, and your local CU Team will be in touch.

Contact your local CU Team directly for more info.

Parents and carers

Parent photographing their child at graduationPlease get in touch with your local Children’s University centre for information on how you and your child can get involved with CU.

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Businesses, partners and other organisations

Medics in a Box - Keyhole surgery

Medics in a box Project

Participating in Children’s University activities has a demonstrable link to improvement in attendance, achievement and attitudes to learning for pupils of all ages, and this has been mirrored here in South Yorkshire. In addition to these outcomes, South Yorkshire CU is keen to ensure children and young people of all ages begin to recognise their development of essential life skills through their participation in CU activities. By weaving skills though all CU activity, and tracking their development as part of our awards scheme, we’re continually emphasising their importance and relevance to our members and their families.

The business community of South Yorkshire can help us in our mission. By exposing children and young people to a wide range of career fields, we can open their eyes to opportunities that otherwise they might not know exist.

That might be through the co-production of case studies of local people, illustrating their career journeys and their current roles.

Brownies on fire station visit

Fire station visit

It might be through arranged tours and visits to shops, factories, offices, zoos, hospitals, colleges and universities, fire stations, police stations, etc., to really inspire our next generation of workers.

Or even the collaboration on a larger-scale project such as our annual ‘Project in a Box’ where we develop a set of session plans, resources and equipment and provide basic training to school staff to deliver the sessions as a CU club in school.

Both locally and regionally, we’re looking for sponsorship and in-kind donations for various elements of our work, including the graduation-style awards ceremonies, projects, resources, and more.

If you would like any more information, or feel you could support our work (locally or regionally) and join our vision to support and encourage every child in South Yorkshire to reach their potential and become the very best they can be, then get in touch with the South Yorkshire CU Team.