News: Tried and Tested Tips for Lockdown 3.0

18th January 2021

In Lockdown 1.0 there was lots of advice flying around about ways to deal with it.  Now we’re in Lockdown 3.0 we all have more tried and tested ways to survive and thrive as much as possible during it.  Here are the Hepp Team’s tips using the Hands-Face-Space format:

Hands (do something with them)

Gemma: Dance in your living room! Why does it feel weirder than dancing in a room full of strangers in a bar or club?! You’re literally with your nearest and dearest who know you best. We’ve done mini discos with the kids (Bugsy Malone is a firm fave) and have danced on our own too!

Heather: Surprising people with little gifts is a really lovely thing to do – I was sent a lovely box of Millie cookies recently from my in-laws and it was very well received by all 😊

Mel: Bake!  We all need cheering up, and baking not only provides a delicious end result but something to do, gorgeous smells and a sense of achievement. Be spontaneous and google for a recipe based on what you’ve got in the cupboard, or deliberately plan it in, e.g. afternoon tea at the weekend, an amazing Wednesday evening dessert just because it’s Wednesday.  (And then take some of the active advice below to bring a bit of balance!)

Face (change your view)

Ross: Using the lockdown period to reconnect with people I’d lost contact with has been invaluable for me. I’ve spent weekends doing quizzes and catch-ups with old school/university friends, and members of my family I’ve not seen in a while. This has really helped me get through the lockdown periods and given me something to look forward to.

Joe: Have a routine!! In the first lockdown, after coming back from Canada and not having a job, it was easy to get up late, not plan what to do and I was so unproductive until I got into a routine. Wake up at a similar time, plan when to work/job hunt/exercise/eat/walk outside/relax – particularly during the week and then at the weekend you’ve earned a lie in!

Sam W: Make plans for the weekend, like a takeaway and a certain film – last weekend, we planned to have Dominos and watch the film Chef on Friday.  It gives me something to look forward to through the week and puts a clear divide between work and play!

Fiona: Have some time away from technology each day (particularly the phone!) and do something you enjoy and find relaxing. I try to use the time to pray and spend some time with God but whatever floats your boat – bit of reading, doodling, music, lighting some candles – just be super chilled! I have also absolutely LOVED Audible – got it at the start of the first lockdown, never looked back!

Space (create it, get into it)

Jess: My top tip is going for a walk every lunchtime – even if it\’s raining! It doesn\’t have to be long – mine are usually about 20 minutes but a simple walk to the end of the road and back if you\’ve only got 10 minutes would suffice. It gets the blood moving from sitting down all day, allows your eyes to rest from looking at the screen and on some days allows you to get that vitamin D from the mother source!

Ruth: Find a way to switch off from work at the end of the day and keep your work life separate from your home life even though they are happening in the same building. For example, have a designated workspace, if possible – don’t use that space for anything else and don’t check emails outside of work hours.

Sarah: Remember to get outside! If I don’t put a reminder in my calendar I can easily spend all day staring at a computer and then it’s cold and dark when I’ve finished so I don’t fancy a walk.

Kelly: Do something for yourself.  I set a goal to run 10k, needing to improve my stamina, strength and most importantly well-being.   Going out for runs, taking part in online spin and HIIT classes gave me a daily boost, as well as time to think and reflect on what happened today/yesterday.  I feel more energised and can run 10k again!

Sam C: When the weather is nice, get out! You’ll certainly have a lot of time indoors to get things you want done around the house so don’t waste the nice weather 😊

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