INSPIRE students to achieve

Sessions focus on developing students’ positive mindset and resilience, to support their journey to higher education.

Failure as Fuel – PUSH

Failure as Fuel - PUSH

In this session PUSH will discuss their top tips on how to approach failure in a positive way. This will include how to see ‘failure’ as an opportunity to adapt, grow and build success.

Inspire KS3 KS4


Goal Setting – Hepp

Goal Setting - Hepp

This session will help students understand the importance of goal setting and how to set challenging goals for themselves.

Inspire KS3


Living Your Best Life – HeppSY

Living Your Best Life - HeppSY

This coaching session has been developed by qualified life coaches with the aim of building self-confidence and resilience, and encouraging self-reflection. Students will learn how to assess where they are right now in life and consider what their dream goals and best life would look like.

Inspire KS4 KS5


Student Talking Heads – Hepp Graduates & Student Ambassadors

Student Talking Heads - Hepp Graduates & Student Ambassadors

This session will be an opportunity for students to hear from student ambassadors and recent graduates about their journeys to higher education.

Inspire KS3 KS4 KS5


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